These are the people who saved my life and to whom I gratefully dedicate the blog. For me, they’re the most important part of it. Without my friends, my family & compassionate strangers, I don’t think I’d be talking to you right now. Above everything else, above diet and environment, spiritual work and exercise, herbs and medicines, above all of that – is the energy, love, support and laughter that my circle gave me. Don’t underestimate it. That love has enormous power. You have held me up, all of you, and given me new life. There is no end to my gratitude and appreciation. I have to do this in alphabetical order, because there is no top or bottom here.

Thank you:

Annie & Brian, children of my heart.

Barb and Diane, we have know each other for 50 years. Can you believe it? You left your homes and flew to me when I got my diagnosis – several times. Thank you deeply for Great Bear healing and Maha, Maha, Maha Bekandze.

Benita, whose support was ALWAYS there, no matter the time, day, hour or airport congestion. You know how much you did.

Carol, who loves me and supports me all the way from Ecuador and can talk me through anything. Who gave us all Riverhouse and the magic and friendship that it brought us.

Carole, for her profound insights, Mama Mia days and continuing breakfast adventures. 🙂

Cliff, what can I say? Guardian, warrior, grounder, rock, my love. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Cousin Catherine. “I’ll come up right away to take care of you.” I’m so glad we are related, sweet cuz.

Deborah, no one I’d rather journey with. Hand in hand in the cloisters again next time? What subversive fun we’ve had, through several lifetimes I think.

Gayle, my dear friend and guide to all things dreaming, including your powerful prayers that rise up in smoke. Deep thanks for Live Like You Were Dying.

Glady, you reeled me into the circle when I was wandering and sad – as you have so many others. You got me back on my path and taught me, taught me, taught me. Upheld me. Opened your heart and your home and your garden. I learned how to cook green beans from you. Thank you for everything.

Irene, curendera extraordinary

Jeannette, powerful lady spirit, you orchestrated that beach house and soul cards, laughter and walks – without breaking a sweat. Sage and smoke to you, aho.

Jennifer, sweet sister of many years. Thank you for your prayers, thank you for coming such a long way to be at my side.

Julie, who trailblazed the path through cancer, who gardened my soul as well, and is always honest with me. A difficult way for a friend, but also the best….

Laura, soul sister. Deep and lasting gratitude for your presence and insight. I feel like a door to home opens when we talk.

Magdalena, Reiki master and caller of the circle, who gathered my friends around me to heal and support and opened her home up again and again.

New Life Church of Honolulu, Jocelyn McMahon and the elders. Your healing was a gift.

Rachel Brooks, MD. You have treated me and held me up during these 5 years, always giving me the inside skinny on how to look at this cancer. So many thanks for everything.

Ralph, brother in Spirit, great and profound healer. Thanks for all the night driving.

Scott See, patient teacher for the tech-challenged. You gave me the framework for this website. Couldn’t have done it without you Scott. He can be reached at

Shelly, always there to support me, always there for phone conversations, always there for coffee, always there. Eggs, blackberries and cupcakes, oh my.

Sophia, shamanic master journeyer. My soul thanks you.

Susan, my amica del cuore e della meate and ultimately my consigliere. Back at you. The coffee’s always on. Prescient editor. All mistakes are my own, as they say.

Teresa, exceptional healer, quiet and gentle, always without judgement, always available during dark nights of the soul.

The Sheepdogs. My soul friends. Who knew?


Haosheng Zhang L.Ac. Supported me with healing acupuncture, high quality chinese herbs and the friendliest, most caring atmosphere around. If you are lucky enough to live in his town, here is how you can find him:


I’d also like to thank the people of Kaiser-Permanente. Although I didn’t use the treatments they offered me, the spirit and dedication of the staff I met through this long, difficult time was deeply heart centered. And I’m very thankful for that. In and of itself, it was healing.

Multnomah County Library. You’ve had about 95% of the books I’ve needed for my research. What a great library system. Thanks also to the taxpayers of Multnomah County for supporting this great institution through tough times.











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