I can’t let this category go without at least mentioning electronics. There is no settled research to give you on the effects of EMF, TV, high tension wires, computers, pads, phones. There’s lots out there but they conflict. Nevertheless, I know how they affect me. I got immersed one day doing research for this blog online and didn’t come up for air for probably 8 hours; I was in a down mood all the next day, and the next until one of my friends snapped me out of it. I know that I can’t take a lot of the electronic miasma around me. I does not lift me up. So I would just suggest thinking about our consumption of electronica; not only being on the computer or phone, but also what we are consuming while we’re on the computer or watching TV. If you are what you eat, you are also what you take into your mind.

ElectonicaThere is so much violence, hatred and debasement out there right now that I know it can’t be good for any of us. I gave it some reflection, and decided on only consuming what keeps me happy and whole. A rule of thumb I use is checking in occasionally while I’m watching something. Am I happy? Am I scared? Am I disgusted? (there goes all political reporting). Am I bored? Do I feel better than when I started this or do I feel worse? Am I jittery, hyped up or calm? I’ve made a rule for myself that I will only watch a news story on TV once. I don’t need to see a building burn over and over and over, nor watch stories on a killing over and over and over. Once is enough. I think of it like someone knocking on your front door. First you look to see who it is, then you decide if you want to invite them into your house. Some I welcome, some I don’t want inside. In just the same way, some media output I don’t want in my head or my heart. (And just an aside – pictures have a  deep impact on your subconscious. If you find yourself unsettled by TV but still want news, read about it, don’t watch it. Words are far less powerful in that way than pictures).

We are all so used to this environment that I think we may be missing the elephant in the room – how does it make us feel? For me, I needed to go for what makes me feel good, happy, calm, energized, free and healthy. I stay away from equipment and media that bring me down, make me sad and fearful and discontented. I have disconnected for days at a time just to see what would happen. Felt pretty good. Life seemed less frenzied, calmer, more spacious. I even forgot my cell phone one day. No, the sky did not fall.

Update 6/2016

For a sweet read about a woman cutting out TV for a week, check out this posting:  http://www.prevention.com/health/5-things-that-happened-when-i-stopped-watching-tv

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