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This is written by the energy healer that I have seen once a week since the beginning. I’m convinced that the energy work I have had has been a major component of my healing, certainly on an energy level. I have asked her to write this piece because she knows much more about it than I do. Again, this is no substitute for medical care. Always see your medical provider for appropriate treatment.

If you’ve never experienced energy work, let me tell you my experience. It’s like stepping into a hot tub on a cold day, like having every muscle pain melt from your body, like being taken up into the clouds to fly. That’s what I always feel like. Of course, I was fortunate to have this great friend who is also a great energy healer. Like any treatment, a cure can never be offered and I don’t think any reputable energy worker would even suggest that they could cure you. But I found great return of balance during my treatments and I believe this was the most valuable part for me. Teresa was kind enough to excerpt this from her writings. I’ll let Teresa explain:

This entry is written by Teresa M. Williams, B.S., Spiritual Energy Healer and Teacher

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing, also called energy medicine, is a complimentary or alternative form of health care. This type of therapy is called Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch™, Reiki, Qigong, Biofield Energy Therapy, pranic healing and spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is non-denominational and healing is not dependent on what the person believes. These are some of the names used to describe energy healing as there are many other systems of healing available too.

Energy healing is a holistic therapy supporting the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of a person. This healing energy is called chi, prana, mana, universal life energy among other names. Energy Healing is based on the premise that the healer transfers healing energy to the person. This transfer helps the body to re-align naturally, supporting the body’s ability to heal itself.

Healers may use hands on the body and/or off the body, working in the person’s energy field or aura. This healing energy raises the vitality-enhancing healing of mind, body and spirit.

The person is fully clothed and supported with blankets and pillows. The person is encouraged to participate with the healer as a partner in their healing process. Also, they are encouraged to ask questions as needed. A healing session is about empowering the person in creating a healthy, joy filled life.

Benefits of Energy Healing

The benefits of energy healing have been shown to speed wound healing, reduce the perception of pain, normalize blood pressure, increase the production of red blood cells (red blood cells bring oxygen to the body’s tissues and carbon dioxide back to the respiratory organs), enhanced growth rate in premature infants, supports personal growth and reduction of stress and anxiety.

When working with an energy healer a person’s brain waves will begin to go into the deeper state of relaxation – Delta and Theta wave frequencies. The Delta waves are the lowest-frequency brainwaves and occur during periods of deep sleep or a healing session. Theta wave frequency is the next lowest frequency wave and is can also be reached by receiving energy healing.

Who can receive help from Energy Healing?

Everyone. Anyone who needs support in healing can benefit from energy healing. This safe, gentle form of healing helps to support the body’s ability to heal itself. and reset its natural balance point. This form of therapy can be included with a person’s health care team, promoting health and healing for all types of disease.

Through twenty years providing spiritual energy healing for people I would like to share a couple of stories of how energy healing can support a person’s healing process.

Energy Healing and Stress

One of the reason people seek out energy healing is to reduce stress. A woman in her 40’s who is an entrepreneur, running her own company, had been under enormous stress and not sleeping well. After receiving several energy healing sessions, she shared her experience about one of those sessions: “ At first I was OK, then I started getting tired and could go to sleep anywhere. I slept 9 hrs. Last night and woke myself up snoring! I could have even gone back to bed, but didn’t. This work is so refreshing! Thank you!”

Energy Healing and Post Ovarian Cancer Support

The haunting fear that cancer will return to a person after remission can create great anxiety. Becoming fearful and filled with anxiety can further reduce the energy of the immune system. By using energy healing combined with guided visualization a person can reset how their mind and body responds to these fears. This gives the person the choice to convert their fear response to a calm healing response. This courageous women shows how she uses energy healing and visualization to reset her focus after her monthly check in with her doctor. This reset of focus helps the body to support a healthy vibrant mind and body.

” I went to my doctor on Monday….they took blood to check the CA-125 and the Dr. told me that he wanted me to schedule a CT scan for the near future.  I got a little nervous at first but then I got a hold of myself…white lighted my body and said to SELF” hey this is good now you will see how WONDERFULLY well…. the work you and Teresa have been doing and how it is helping your body. I feel great and am enjoying a happier emotional body!  ALL GOOD!”   L.T.

Who Practices Energy Healing?

Many health care providers, nurses, doctors, caregivers, clergy and lay persons use energy healing. There are many practitioners available throughout the world; many have created their own form of energy healing with different names and intentions. So, when looking for a healing energy practitioner it is suggested to interview several possible energy healers, ask for references that you check, ask for referrals from your health care providers. In this article are some of the suggested questions to help you choose the best energy healing practitioner.

Suggestions to Help You find an Energy Healer

Bringing a friend with you to meet a healing practitioner is also very helpful. The questions listed below may help you decide if a practitioner is a good match for your needs:

How long have they practiced energy healing?

How does a energy healing work? Can you give and example of a healing session with you? How long is a session?

What is their training and do they specialize in a certain group of people or illness? What do they call their form of energy healing and why?

Asking what their spiritual beliefs are? Are they compatible with your belief system?

How many sessions will I need? What will the cost be for each session?

Will they be willing to work with your health care team ( doctor, counselor, naturopathic doctor, family etc.)? Do they offer referrals to others that may help you on your health care journey?

Do you feel comfortable after you talk with them? Trust you feelings, you want someone who is supportive and you feel is part of your healing team.

Interviewing several practitioners will give you a variety of choices and may answer your questions or create more of your own questions that you can ask. ©2013

Teresa has been a spiritual energy healer and intuitive for twenty years, supporting and working with women and their families. She also mentors other energy healers in their energy healing practice and personal development. To contact Teresa and find about upcoming health education classes, e-mail her at


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